Al ElKordi-Hubbard


Al El Kordi-Hubbard is the founder of CrossFit 286 and a passionate lifelong athlete. He is bold.

One day, while sitting in his cubicle, Al decided to put his headphones in and listen to Logics 2nd album, “The Incredible True Story and Transformation of the Man Who Saved the World.” (Quite the title). After that, his life changed forever.

The over arching theme, listen to your heart, follow your dreams, and you will find happiness, resonated so much to him. It wasn’t long after that Al was skipping out on his desk job to hang out at the local CrossFit gym. It was during these midday sessions at the gym that Al realized his true passion was helping people through CrossFit, not from behind a desk in a grey room surrounded by paper.

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Al began playing golf competitively on the Junior PGA circuit when he was 10 years old, traveling through the United States to compete with the top young talent in the country. His passion for competition was ignited! He went on to play golf  at Madison High School (Vienna VA), earning All-State honors in Virginia. Alex was later recruited by Stevenson University where he set multiple school records, became an NCAA All-Conference player and lead the men’s golf team as Captain.

While in college, he started CrossFit training to improve his strength, stamina and athletic mobility. CrossFit soon became his new passion. Al began rigorously training and pursuing a deeper knowledge of the sport. Before long, he started competing and carving out a natural niche in the DMV CrossFit community.

Al graduated from Stevenson University with a degree in Business Administration/Finance, and started his career in the Financial Services Industry.  His background has given him an excellent foundation to open CrossFit 286. Al has coached at CrossFit Chantilly and trained/studied under Clayton Arnold of CrossFit Execution. He is truly passionate about coaching and guiding his members to achieve their personal best through proper form, nutrition and balance.


  • CrossFit Level 2
  • USAW SP-1
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  • Group FitnessMon 5:00 am - 6:00 am
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