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At CrossFit 286 we offer a complete  Foundations Program to help new, current, and past athletes get started on their health and wellness journey. One of the reasons CrossFit is unique, as compared to other training methodologies, is the fact that it employs functional fitness. What is functional fitness? It is fitness that serves a function! Meaning, if your function is to work at a desk and then go home and play with your kids, your fitness should support that. As we write workouts for, we always will take your function into account.

Some of these movements can be complex, and unfamiliar to those new to CrossFit. They often require a fair amount of coaching before they can be employed safely and effectively or trained on their own. Much like riding a bike, we believe in teaching you the fundamentals first before taking off the training wheels. We tailor the program based on your needs and progress with the goal of helping you become the best version of yourself.

What’s included?

  • No Sweat Intro
  • Body Composition Assessment. We’ll take body measurements to identify where you are now and use these to measure progress over time
  • Work Assessment. We will have you do a few simple tests to see how your body moves and identify ways to maximize its potential
  • Personal Training Sessions. We will schedule personal training sessions with you and one of our Trainers so they can teach you the fundamentals and set you up for long term growth and success in and out of the gym. Your progress will determine how many sessions you will need. The minimum is 4 session, however, many people require more
  • 1 month of CrossFit. Upon completing your On Ramp Sessions, you will be able to move into our group or individual CrossFit Classes

Are you brave enough to star your journey? Schedule your No Sweat Intro today!

Book Your Intro

On-Ramp Program Benefits:

  • We will introduce you to technique and mechanics first, intensity second
  • We will teach you proper form to avoid risk of injury
  • You build self-confidence, strength and power