Mandy Meyers

Mandy Meyers

286 is the first box I’ve ever been to but my first impression was great. I was really excited to have experienced coaches and greatly enjoyed my first few workouts. It made me want to come back every day and get better.

From Home to CrossFit 286

My husband had been doing CrossFit workouts in our home gym for a couple of years and I started to get into it a few months before starting at 286. My husband starting coaching at 286 so I joined as well and I was thrilled! The box is also only about a mile from our house which is really great. 

Over the past 5 months, I would say my first bright spot was at the 1-month mark where I did 10 straight rope climbs! The first workout I had at the box involved rope climbs and I couldn’t do one, so to get that much stronger in a month was huge for me. But my biggest bright spot was definitely during the team series competition. When I hit a 135-pound clean when my previous PR was only 125 pounds, it meant the world to me!

Now I’m still trying to get stronger and especially working on gymnastics since I have absolutely no background in that. Ring work and handstands/walking are things I’m trying to learn. Also working on form for all of the barbell lifts since I’ve just recently learned them.

My favorite memory is definitely the 135 clean PR. Allie and Sarah were both there cheering me on to get it so we could move on in the workout. So hitting it was really exciting for me and them both!

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