Dini Arora

Dini Arora


Exercise Nutrition Specialist ( Precision Nutrition)

Weight Management Consultant ( NESTA)

Personal Trainer ( ACE)

Crossfit L-1 Trainer


“Growing up in India I have always been active in athletics and physical fitness. Functional fitness and learning life skills was the foundation of our school sports. After graduating college I moved to Ohio where I started working as a gym teacher in private schools. My passion for health and fitness led me to get various certifications in Nutrition and Personal Training. I started online coaching and did nutrition seminars for local businesses.


I was introduced to crossfit by a friend in Ohio. When I stepped into this crossfit box, I knew this was it for me. Crossfit just made me so happy. I love the structure and efficiency of the classes along with the high intensity workouts. I enjoy being part of a team. Crossfit has made me stronger physically and mentally. I am much fitter and happier today than I was 10-20 yrs ago. ¬†As a Crossfit L-1 trainer I enjoy coaching and teaching people more about crossfit so they can pursue the same fulfillment that crossfit has given me.”