Alexa Vockley

Alexa Vockley

It’s been a blast and CrossFit 286 members have truly become my great friends and family.

It’s Changed My Life

CrossFit 286 is one of the best gyms around. Coach Al, Coach Sarah, and Coach Verne are super knowledgeable and always make training a blast! I was pretty hesitant at first to join CrossFit as I’ve heard people doing CrossFit are always injuring themselves…and I have a bad knee already from many years of sports. But Al and Sarah make sure to focus on safety and form for lifting.

I decided to give 286 a try about a year into my weight loss journey, mostly because I wanted to not only lose weight but also get stronger too. I love that everyone at the box is so close! It makes training so much more enjoyable and I always can’t wait to get my workout in!

They’ve taught me how to lift and how to eat better and keep track of what I’m eating and how much I need to eat to fuel myself for the day. They always have great seminars and the class times are so flexible I’m always able to make one even with my busy schedule!

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