Our Process


New to CrossFit:

  1. Every new crossfitter starts with a personal one-on-one On-Ramp Program (4-8 sessions) to establish a fitness baseline and get prepared for group classes
  2. Followed by 1 week of individual coached classes to learn the functional movements and ease into the program (you take our group classes but will have your own personal coach with you to help you out)
  3. Once we finish the week we determine which of our programs is right for you based on your goals

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Past / Current CrossFit:

  1. For those that have tried CrossFit before we recommend checking out a Free class where you can experience our classes and meet our coaches and our community
  2. If necessary we then work through a one-on-one On-Ramp Program to build your personal fitness plan
  3. Post completion of On-Ramp or your Free class, you are then ready to get back into the community of our CrossFit group classes!

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Our coaches are tough…but supportive.

Our community will push you to your limits and motivate you like no other.

Let’s work together, and let’s get fit!

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