Golf Performance

Before opening CrossFit 286, gym owner Alex traveled the country competing in high-level golf tournaments. Constantly on the road, and sometimes playing 12 hours a day, Alex learned first-hand how fitness and nutrition contributed to his success on the course.

Knowing this he began to regularly strength train and optimize his nutrition. As a clear result, he broke his college’s record for lowest round, placed first in the conference tournament, was named conference player of the year, and represented his school at nationals among other accolades.

It was an easy decision to incorporate golf-focused fitness and nutrition programs at CrossFit 286.

Working with his team they have designed a golf-specific track that incorporates CrossFit movements to improve performance. Functional training teaches you to move in ways that increase body awareness, improve mobility and stability, improve one’s golf game, and improve overall quality of life.

Whether looking to gain distance, improve stability through the swing, reduce fatigue at the end of a round, or simply feel better about your golf game, CrossFit 286 is here to help!